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By | April 13, 2022

BECU routing number

What is the BECU routing number?

BECU is known as Boeing Employees Credit Union which happens to be one of the largest non-profit credit unions located in the vicinity of the United States. This union not only serves BECU employees but it also serves over a million clients located all over Washington State and South Carolina.

If you have a checking account opened in BECU, then you need to know about what is BECU routing number. This number is often known as the ABA number.

Your BECU account number would be sent via mail at the time you have opened your account in this union. As for the BECU routing number, it is not always provided to you clearly or even upfront so you need to be extra careful while looking for the same.

The BECU routing number is required whenever you need to make any sort of wire transaction, direct deposit or deposit into a federal savings account, where the requirement of your BECU routing number is needed to make sure that your transaction happens without any problem. This routing number is very much important to track the location of the person who sends the money and also the person who receives the money into his or her BECU credit account while a wire transaction is done.

Fortunately, it is not a tough job to find the BECU routing number and you can find the same without any hassle.

BECU routing number

Find Your BECU Routing Number Location Wise

BECU Location BECU Routing Number
Alabama 325081403
Alaska 325081403
Arizona 325081403
Arkansas 325081403
California 325081403
Colorado 325081403
Connecticut 325081403
Delaware 325081403
District of Columbia 325081403
Florida 325081403
Georgia 325081403
Hawaii 325081403
Idaho 325081403
Illinois 325081403
Indiana 325081403
Iowa 325081403
Kansas 325081403
Kentucky 325081403
Louisiana 325081403
Maine 325081403
Maryland 325081403
Massachusetts 325081403
Michigan 325081403
Minnesota 325081403
Mississippi 325081403
Missouri 325081403
Montana 325081403
Nebraska 325081403
Nevada 325081403
New Hampshire 325081403
New Jersey 325081403
New Mexico 325081403
New York 325081403
North Carolina 325081403
North Dakota 325081403
Ohio 325081403
Oklahoma 325081403
Oregon 325081403
Pennsylvania 325081403
Rhode Island 325081403
South Carolina 325081403
South Dakota 325081403
Tennessee 325081403
Texas 325081403
Utah 325081403
Vermont 325081403
Virginia 325081403
Washington 325081403
West Virginia 325081403
Wisconsin 325081403
Wyoming 325081403

Where would you find your BECU routing number?

The chequebook that has been provided to you by the BECU union has the routing number printed on the same. Look at the bottom of one of the cheques provided. You should observe two or three sets of the number displayed horizontally printed at the bottom. Out of these two or three sets of numbers, the first set is the BECU routing number. The routing number should consist of 9 digits and the second set of numbers is usually your account number.

You can also obtain your BECU routing number from the respective branches and asking a teller to provide you with your account’s routing number likewise. For this, you need to provide the teller with your account number or debit card details respectively.

If you happen to log in to the bank’s online website, you can easily obtain your routing number in the account information. It should be mentioned as ABA routing number and, as mentioned before, should consist of 9 digits.

If none of the above methods work for you, or you find them to be too difficult then, try contacting the customer service would also help you to obtain the routing number for your BECU credit account.

What is the need for a BECU routing number?

The BECU routing number is mainly required for the following:

  1. You can easily send payments with the help of wire transfers.
  2. You can even receive and send payment through wire transfers without any hassle.
  3. With the help of routing numbers, the bank can track the location of the sender and the receiver likewise.
  4. Direct deposits can be made hassle-free.
  5. You can receive cheque deposits directly in your BECU account without any hassle.


So, Above is all details information about BECU Routing Numbers Online you can find out here. In this blog, we are sharing complete list of all bank routing number. If you have any query regarding bank then you can connect with official website of bank.