First Citizens Bank Routing Number & Other Information

By | April 13, 2022

First Citizens Bank Routing Number – All those who are searching for First Citizens Bank Routing Numbers find out from here. In this blog, we are sharing every bank details of the Routing Numbers find out here.

What is the First Citizens Bank Routing Number?

If you are a customer of the First Citizens Bank and have a bank account over there then you will require a first citizens bank routing number. This number is mandatory for various transactions to be it online or offline likewise. The banks use this routing number to find out the financial institution behind a transfer made.

Back in the day, this routing number was used for sorting, bundling, and shipping of paper checks. But now this first citizens bank routing number serves a major purpose when it comes to transferring money from one bank account to another. Various transfer methods were introduced into the system to widen the application of the routing number.

First Citizens Bank Routing Number

When do you require the First Citizens Bank Routing Number?

The first citizens bank routing number is required in various situations such as setting up direct deposits, automatic loan payments or recurring transfers such as bill payments.

This is also mandatory for making various transactions related to tax and also when you conduct ACH (Automated Cleaning House) and also for transactions between various bank accounts.

The need for this routing number is required only when money is directly transferred to and from your respective bank account. It does not apply to credit and debit purchases.

First Citizens Bank ABA Routing Transit Numbers (RTN)

Here is the state wise list of First Citizens Bank Routing Number for Checking Account and Savings Account.

What is the First Citizens Bank ABA routing number?

The ABA routing number consists of 9 digits which are located at the bottom left corner of your check. This routing number is required for identifying the financial institution behind a recent or a previous transaction made. All of the transfers done are made through ACH and wire with the help of the first citizens bank routing number. Even the Federal Bank is dependent on these routing numbers for processing various Fedwire fund transfers.

The routing number system was first introduced back in 1910. The American Bankers Association was behind the introduction and implementation of these routing numbers. Several registrars are designated to various posts for handling these routing numbers effectively and without any hassle. In the present times, Accuity handles this routing number system and assigns them accordingly to the respective financial institution.

The present number of active routing numbers are 26895. According to the Routing Number Policy, a financial institution can only have access to 5 routing numbers at a time and no more than that. However, since many banks over the past years have joined themselves with each other, thus, various banks have more than 5 routing numbers for themselves likewise. A routing number is completely dependent on the area where you have opened your account. It is also dependent upon the kind of transaction you have made.

Some basic information about First Citizens Bank Routing Number

First Citizens Bank is an American Bank which is located in Raleigh, North Carolina. The bank is operational in 18 states and also in the District of Columbia based in the United States. It was previously known as the Bank of Smithfield. It was introduced in the year of 1898. On March 11, 2016, First Citizens supposedly purchased Milwaukee State Bank.


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