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By | July 8, 2022

Keybank Routing Number – So you are making an online transaction with the help of your Keybank bank account? Henceforth, you will be requiring a KeyBank routing numbers which is essential when you are about to transfer funds from one bank account to another, be it within KeyBank bank accounts or any other bank account.

Being careful while making any transaction is advised since all of the money is your hard-earned. Thus, to transfer any amount of money from one account to another, there is a requirement of some specific bank routing codes which vary from region to region.

The need for a KeyBank routing number is a must when any customer wants to transfer funds.

What is Meant by Keybank Routing Number?

The location of your bank account, where it is opened, is denoted by this Keybank Routing Number. It is a 9-digit number which is needed for making online fund transaction through internet services or mobile banking.

These KeyBank routing numbers are often known as “Transit Numbers” or “ABA numbers”. All of these numbers are completely dependent on the location of their respective banks. Thus, no two branches of the bank will have the same routing number.

Keybank Routing Number

However, the need for a KeyBank routing number is crucial irrespective of the fact that whether you are sending money via a paper transfer or wire transfer.

KeyBank Routing Number List

Check KeyBank routing number or First Niagara routing number, wire transfer and ACH numbers placed in the following table:

State ABA Routing Number Wire Transfer ACH Routing Number
Alaska – AK 125200879 125200879 125200879
Albany | New York – NY *021300077/222370440 021300077 021300077/222370440
Buffalo | New York – NY *022000839/222370440 021300077 021300077/222370440
Central Indiana | Indiana – IN 041001039 041001039 041001039
Colorado – CO 307070267 307070267 307070267
Columbus | Ohio – OH 044000642 041001039 041001039
Connecticut – CT 222370440 021300077 222370440 (for accounts opened prior to 10/11/16)021300077(for accounts opened 10/11/16 and after)
Florida – FL 067014181 041001039 041001039
Hudson Valley | New York – NY *021906934/ 222370440 021300077 021300077/ 222370440
Idaho – ID 124101555 124101555 124101555
Kentucky – KY 042200295 041001039 041001039
Maine – ME 011200608 011200608 011200608
Massachusetts – MA 222370440 021300077 222370440 (for accounts opened prior to 10/11/16)021300077 (for accounts opened 10/11/16 and after)
Michigan – MI 041001039 041001039 041001039
NE Ohio | Ohio – OH 041001039 041001039 041001039
Northern Indiana | Indiana – IN 041001039 041001039  041001039
NW Ohio | Ohio – OH 041001039 041001039 041001039
Oregon – OR 123002011 123002011 123002011
Pennsylvania – PA 222370440 021300077 021300077
SW Ohio | Ohio – OH 042200295 041001039 041001039
Utah – UT 124000737 124000737 124000737
Vermont – VT 211672531 211672531 211672531
Washington – WA 125000574 125000574 125000574

How do we find the KeyBank routing number?

  1. Routing Number:

The first set of the 9-digit number located at the bottom left corner of your cheque is known as the routing number. You should be careful while checking out this number since the symbol placed near those digits are not included with the number. It is usually the same as the cheques of various customers of the same branch.

  1. Account Number:

The middle set of the number after the routing number is known to be the account number. The account number can be easily recognized since it is usually the largest number in the cheque. This is a unique and private number for every customer.

  1. Cheque Number:

Cheque number is referred to as the last 5-digit present on the bottom right corner of the cheque. It is not very important for making a transaction. Also, it is the shortest number present on a cheque.

Keybank History and Status:

Keybank is one of the largest banks located in the vicinity of the United States. Keybank was formed by the merging of Society Bank and KeyCorp and is now one of the primary subordinates of KeyCorp likewise. Thus, making Keybank the 10th largest bank in the United States.

Its headquarters is located in Cleveland, Ohio and is one of the major banks in the region of Cleveland.

What facilities does Keybank provide to its customers?

  1. Keybank systematics uses the latest technology for banking, thus allowing their customers to go through mobile banking and internet banking without any hassle.
  2. The more you use Keybank, the better are your chances of getting various rewards. These rewards are usually in the form of gift cards, travel, various merchandise, charity, donation, etc.
  3. The credit card facility of KeyBank is great with their low transaction charges and the same can be used almost anywhere. Also, if a transaction failure occurs, the refund is done in very little time without any hassle.
  4. Keybank provides its customers with wealth management which is one of the fastest and effectively growing departments of Keybank. It provides you with scope for achieving your goal so that you can do your desired things.
  5. The interest rate is low for this bank thus making it a suitable choice for various customers.

We have shared each and every details information about Keybank Routing Numbers find out from here. If you have any query comment on below box or visit official website to get more details about Key Bank Routing Number online.