PrepaidGiftBalance: Check Your Gift Card Account Balance

By | March 26, 2022

PrepaidGiftBalance – Check Visa or Mastercard Gift Card Balance

In recent times, credit cards are important for making various transactions and purchases. It is also very safe to use a credit card instead of carrying around any small of a large amount of cash. If you are opting in to make a new credit card for yourself, then PrepaidGiftBalance would be one of the best options for you.

What is PrepaidGiftBalance?

PrepaidGiftBalance is an online portal for individuals who own prepaid gift cards. With the secured internet facilities of modern time, cashless transactions are very common for people to purchase various stuff. The use of credit, as well as debit cards, have been in use vastly.

Anybody residing in the vicinity of the United States can opt-in for a Prepaid Gift Card. The United States National Bank Association provides this gift card to individuals who apply for the same.

This gift card can be used in any US-based store, which accepts Visa or Mastercards as well as Debit Cards. People who own the Prepaid Gift Card can easily check the remaining balance on their cards by visiting the official login portal

What are the types of PrepaidGiftBalance cards?

If you are a citizen residing in the vicinity of the United States, then you are given access to two different cards namely, Visa Card and Mastercard Card.


Visa Card:

Visa card is one of the types of PrepaidGiftBalance cards. This card has the same features which you will find with any other credit or debit card, used for making various online payments and transactions. The only major advantage of using a credit or debit card is that with the help of this card, you can easily change the money available in your account into cash, without any hassle. this facility is however not available with the PrepaidGiftBalance card. This PrepaidGiftBalance will be of great help to you if some of the factors are not considered with regards to a normal credit or debit card.

  1. You can use this card to purchase anything from any shop located in the United States.
  2. This card can only be used in shops that accept Visa or Mastercard, located within the United States.
  3. These cards are prepaid, which means, you have to maintain a minimum balance before making any purchase with the same.
  4. There is a limit to which the card can be used in terms of spending money.
  5. These cards are usually used for making various small purchases.

Mastercard Card:

Mastercards are the same when brought into comparison with the Visa Cards. You will have access to all of the features with your PrepaidGiftBalance MasterCard without any problem.

  1. Mastercards are the same when it comes to their working capability compared with the Visa cards.
  2. These cards are nothing like the usual credit or debit cards and the same cannot be used virtually in anyways.
  3. The need for the owner to maintain an online account to operate this card is mandatory.
  4. You need a PIN which will be required by you to make a purchase or transaction of any kind.
  5. The spending limit for the card is usually printed at the back of the card.
  6. The online account which you will have for these cards will show you the balance available in your account also.

These two variances of the PrepaidGiftBalance cards are perfect for any purchase which you will want to make with just a few clicks. It would make your everyday shopping very easy once you start using these cards.

How to register for the PrepaidGiftBalance account?

Step 1: Visit the official website of PrepaidGiftBalance and there you will find the option which says Register on the homepage itself.

Step 2: Make sure you have an active bank account and also keep your account number ready.

Step 3: After clicking on the Register button on the homepage, you will be redirected to a page where you will be asked to enter your account number and your social security number.

Step 4: After doing the entry, click on Next and follow up on the second step. This will make your account ready.

Step 5: Once the above steps have been completed, you will be able to see your credit card history in your account.

The Prepaid Gift Balance registration process is very simple to follow and you can easily access your PrepaidGiftBalance account without any hassle. Once you have set up your account, all you need to is visit the official page again and insert your username and password which you created during the registration process.

How to Sign-in to your PrepaidGiftBalance account?

Before you can use this card for various transactions and purchases, it needs to be activated first. After the initial registration process, your card will automatically start working and can be used for your required transactions without any hassle. Sign in to your account with the valid details and insert your username and password likewise.

Follow the steps below to sign in to your PrepaidGiftBalance account hassle-free:

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Insert your correct login credentials.

Step 3: After entering the required credentials, click on the signup option.

Step 4: You need to activate the card here.

Step 5: To activate your PrepaidGiftBalance card, insert the card number on the box which is located on the right side of the page you are currently in and also select the expiry date.

Step 6: Your card is now activated and now you have full access to your account without any further problem.

After the above steps have been performed, the card is ready to be used by the owners to the specific credit limit for a range of time. There is a minimum monthly fee that you need to pay likewise since you will be using this card for various purchases over your definite credit score. There are various options via which you can pay the monthly card summaries without any hassle.

How to check the balance of the PrepaidGiftBalance cards?

To check the balance on your PrepaidGiftBalance card, go through the following steps:

Step 1: Visit the official website at

Step 2: You will be directed to the official webpage for PrepaidGiftBalance where there are two options available, one for first-time users and the other for already existing users.

Step 3: If you haven’t yet registered on the website, the steps for doing the same are already mentioned above. Also, if you want to log in, the steps for the same are mentioned previously. Make sure you go through the same for a hassle-free login procedure.

Step 4: After logging in, you will be redirected to the homepage of your account where there will be an option available from which you can check your balance of the PrepaidGiftBalance card.

Step 4: Enter your PrepaidGiftBalance card number and password to view the available balance in your account.

What are the charges required for using the PrepaidGiftBalance cards?

As long as you use these cards within the boundary of the United States, you will not be charged with any amount. However, if you use this card outside the vicinity of the United States, it might get declined. So, to avail of the benefits of this card, you have to use the same within the premises of the United States.

A minimum monthly fee is required which would keep the card in an active state and if you do not use the card for more than twelve months then a fee of only $2 is required additionally.

What are the benefits of using the PrepaidGiftBalance?

Some of the benefits of using the PrepaidGiftBalance are as follows:

  1. The owners of the card can carry out various maintenance tasks with the help of the online portal.
  2. Every month’s statements will be sent over to the accounts of the respective cardholders.
  3. The owners can receive a discount of up to 5% for various services and offers.
  4. Numerous PrepaidGiftBalance offers to apply to the use of credit cards or debit cards likewise.
  5. The online portal for the PrepaidGiftBalance will show the users for various payment rates and any other necessary details.
  6. The portal is safe and secure for any user to insert their personal information without any hassle. The card details are also safely secured in this online portal.

What are the conditions that come with these cards?

With any product we use in our daily activities, there are some terms and conditions applied to the same which need to be maintained because of the security as well as for getting any sort of future assistance from the company. If you do not comply with these terms and condition, it might lead to an unnecessary legal issue which you surely do not want!

Thus, to enjoy the benefits of a product, you need to comply with the terms and conditions which come with it.

PrepaidGiftBalance comes with various terms and conditions which the users need to follow likewise. As the whole matter is regarding financial transactions, extra care should be maintained while understanding these regulations.

  1. The very moment you start using this card, you will automatically agree to the terms and conditions.
  2. The National Bank of the United States can change the already mentioned terms and conditions without any prior notice.
  3. This card can be used anywhere within the United States and in the stores which accept Visa and Mastercards likewise. Also, the location extends over to the regions of Alaska and the State of Hawaii, so this card is used in these places too.
  4. You will not be able to withdraw any cash from the ATM with this card.
  5. The limit of this card is usually printed on its back. It depends on whether you have applied for the $20 card or the $50 card.
  6. The name gift card comes with a unique texture that can be given as a gift to some other person also. Transferring money over to a friend’s account or providing access to the card to other family members can also be done hassle-free.
  7. These cards cannot be used in any fuel pump. It has not yet been legally authorized. So it is advised not to make any payment at any petrol pump with this card since it is against the law, for the time being.
  8. The services of the card can be availed without any extra cost.
  9. The card needs to be used as much as possible since discontinuing to use the same for over 12 months will result in a fee of $2.
  10. Your name and address need to be mentioned during the purchase of any online material with this card.
  11. For changing your PIN, call 888-853-9536.
  12. If you happen to lose the card due to any underlying factor, make sure you contact the helpline number as soon as possible so that they can deactivate the same instantly,
  13. If you supposedly lose the card, then inform the authorities about the incident as soon as possible. Also, a fee of $5.95 needs to paid at the respective bank as a fine.
  14. Any sort of refund, return or a dispute will be available from the respective merchant only.
  15. If you happen to face any other issue, other than the ones mentioned above, make sure that you contact our helpline services. Just make a call to 1-888-853-9536 and your underlying issue will be resolved by the customer representative.

Some more information on PrepaidGiftBalance:

The card can be used worldwide under certain conditions. You need to let PrepaidGiftBalance know about your specific requirements according to which they will customize your card. You can even use these cards on various websites that accept only credit cards and you will be astonished to see that your card will get accepted on these online websites without any hassle.

Also, if you are using a prepaid card, make sure that you check the credit score on your card before making any transaction. If the card is being processed for a value that is more than the one it currently retains, it will be denied. In this article, We are sharing complete details information about check it out here.

Make sure that you go through all of the terms and conditions of the card to enjoy seamless transactions and purchases.