How To Find Your Union Bank Routing Number Fast

By | August 16, 2022

 Union Bank Routing Number – Union Bank is operating under its parent company Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group and is said to be one of the world’s most trusted financial group. Various considerations are made with their working integrity, respect as well as their services which indeed makes them one of the top valued financial group ever.

If this seems to be the bank you would opt-in an account for, then you need to have a clear idea of what a  Union Bank Routing Number is. This number is mandatory when it comes to making various transactions with some other bank account or even with an account based in the same bank likewise. It is pretty easy to find your  Union Bank Routing Number and you can also do the same without much hassle.

What is a Union Bank Routing Number?

Every bank or financial institution, including the Union Bank, has a special code that is assigned by the United States Federal Reserve, is required for making various transactions domestically. This code is often referred to as the ABA routing number or  Union Bank Routing Number, which consists of 9 digits.

This  Union Bank Routing Number is needed for the identification of a specific bank you are using as well the bank’s name and location likewise. Every bank has its unique routing number which eventually makes it unique to work with. Each time you happen to make a transaction with the help of a paper cheque or via wire transfer, the bank will review the routing number every time to make sure where the money needs to be transferred.

Union Bank Routing Number

Know Your Union Bank Routing Number Region / State Wise

What does the Union Bank Routing set of numbers mean?

At the bottom left corner of your check book, you will be able to find the  Union Bank Routing Number. This number usually consists of two or three sets.

The first set is the routing number itself and the next set supposedly denotes the account number for your bank account respectively.

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What do you need the  Union Bank Routing Number for?

The  Union Bank Routing Number is a 9 digit unique code which is required for various tasks such as:

  1. Making various ACH payments.
  2. To set up a direct deposit.
  3. To receive various benefits from the government such as tax refunds.
  4. To transfer money between various bank accounts.
  5. To make automatic bill payments.
  6. To make a domestic wire transfer.

Usually, banks that are located in more than one state have more than one routing number. Union Bank is located in various locations such as California, Oregon, Washington, etc. and every branch has its own unique  Union Bank Routing Number for their customers.

How to find the  Union Bank Routing Number?

You can look for a  Union Bank Routing Number with the help of the following methods:

  1. Using a cheque:

At the bottom left corner of a cheque, the unique 9 digit  Union Bank Routing Number is printed.

  1. Online:

You can also log online to the bank’s official website and visit the account information to obtain the routing number without any hassle.

  1. Call customer care

If you prefer using a phone mostly, then make sure that you ask the representative, after calling the toll free number, to provide you with your  Union Bank Routing Number. For this, you might need to provide your account number as well as your debit card details, if necessary.

So, Above is complete details information about Union Bank Routing Number check it out here. If you want to find out all banking related routing number can check it out here.